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> > Could we have a way to turn this off?  At least for functions and
> > operators?  For my usage, at least, this will be a serious step
> > backwards in usefulness
> But all we are asking is that you add a single letter ('S') to your
> queries. There are probably only a handful of people besides yourself
> who use \df to look up system functions, while the other 99% of the world
> would benefit greatly from being able to do a \df and see their functions,
> as opposed to doing "\df public.*" (which won't work of course if you have
> your functions in other schemas).

I am thinking we need a non-system modifier like U (user) that will only
show only user functions, operators, etc.  With that, we can default the
backslash commands to be the most convenient default, and it can be

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