A quick-check (haven't checked any details) - your unconditional use of
Global\ will not work on NT4. With 8.0 we said we wanted to support NT4
with some limits (IIRC, tablespaces don't work, and the intaller
definitly doesn't work). If we want to continue doing that (which I
think we do), the global\ has to be conditional - used on 2000+, not
used on <= NT4.


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>From: Qingqing Zhou [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>Sent: den 4 juni 2005 15:26
>To: Magnus Hagander
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>Subject: Re: Simplify Win32 Signaling code
>Revised patch to avoid "lost signals before signaling 
>mechanism is set up
>in Win32". This was tested by plus a line:
>       Sleep(10*1000);
>in the front of pgwin32_signal_initialize().

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