Andreas Pflug wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Andreas Pflug wrote:
> > 
> >>This patch reenables pg_terminate_backend, allowing (superuser only, of 
> >>course) to terminate a backend. As taken from the discussion some weeks 
> >>earlier, SIGTERM seems to be used quite widely, without a report of 
> >>misbehavior so while the code path is officially not too well tested, 
> >>in practice it's working ok and helpful.
> > 
> > 
> > I thought we had a discussion that the places we accept SIGTERM might be
> > places that can exit if the postmaster is shutting down, but might not
> > be places we can exit if the postmaster continues running, e.g. holding
> > locks.  Have you checked all the places we honor SIGTERM to check that
> > we are safe to exit?  I know Tom had concerns about that.
> My patch is purely to enable a supervisor to issue a SIGTERM using a 
> pgsql client, instead of doing it from a server command line. It's not 
> meant to fix the underlying problems.

We don't support sending SIGTERM from the server command line to
individual backends, so why add support for it in SQL?

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