Bruce Momjian <> writes:

> I think we have concluded that the use of the ICU library is the way we
> are going to accomplish multi-locale support in the future.

You did? It really seemed like there was one crowd pushing ICU and hardly
anyone else interested in piling a huge library dependency on Postgres. It
seemed like ICU was only really necessary if you wanted some esoteric
functionality that wasn't entirely explained.

I'm having no trouble handling multi-locale already using the strxfrm
implementation that was posted and refined by several people on the mailing

Yes it's true that on some OSes it wouldn't be tolerably efficient but on
glibc it's more than tolerable. If better solutions (strxfrm_l) become
available at some point in the future then it would be about as efficient as
it could be on platforms where those features are available.


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