Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> BTW, one regression is that an undefined variable in the RAISE list is 
> no longer a compile-time error:
> ...
> I don't see an easy way to get around this, though, and it's not too 
> concerning. Amusingly it does completely break the SQLSTATE and SQLERRM 
> tests we added a few days ago :)

That doesn't bother me either, seeing that an undefined variable isn't
detected at compile time anywhere else.  However, fixing the SQLSTATE
tests by removing them doesn't seem like a great solution ...

> BTW, another easy improvement in this area is changing the RAISE format 
> string to allow it to be an expression, rather than only a string literal.

I would sort of have expected this to get done at the same time.

Actually, the reason I didn't do something about RAISE in 8.0 was that
I thought we should reconsider the whole design of the statement: it
desperately needs to be fixed so that you can specify the SQLSTATE to
be thrown, and so that you can re-throw the same exception you caught.
(Note that SQLERRM is not really a solution to that: you might think
something like "RAISE EXCEPTION SQLSTATE, '%', SQLERRM" would do,
but it loses information, namely all the auxiliary fields.)


                        regards, tom lane

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