I'm very glad to see this. But is a nicer name possible? To perl
programmers at least, "substitute" should make sense.



Atsushi Ogawa wrote:

>I made the patch that implements regexp_replace again. 
>The specification of this function is as follows. 
>regexp_replace(source text, pattern text, replacement text, [flags text])
>returns text
>Replace string that matches to regular expression in source text to
>replacement text.
> - pattern is regular expression pattern.
> - replacement is replace string that can use '\1'-'\9', and '\&'.
>    '\1'-'\9': back reference to the n'th subexpression.
>    '\&'     : entire matched string.
> - flags can use the following values:
>    g: global (replace all)
>    i: ignore case
>    When the flags is not specified, case sensitive, replace the first
>    instance only.
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