Bruce Momjian said:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Bruce Momjian <> writes:
>> > Tom Lane wrote:
>> >> It appears that somebody has changed things so that the -L switches
>> >> appear after the -l switches (ie, too late).  I'm too tired to
>> >> investigate now, but my money is on Autoconf 2.59 being the problem
>> >> ...
>> > I wonder if it was this commit.  I am attaching the patch so you can
>> > test to see if it fixes it.  If it does, please let us know.
>> > ! SHLIB_LINK := $(filter -L%, $(LDFLAGS)) $(SHLIB_LINK)
>> > ...
>> > ! SHLIB_LINK := $(SHLIB_LINK) $(filter -L%, $(LDFLAGS))
>> Urgh.  This was considered a good idea why exactly?
> I didn't like it myself but it fixed a problem with a build farm
> machine, and no one objected, so I applied it, but it seemed pretty
> strange to be reversing those. I will reverse the patch.

I was also slightly dubious about it. However, we do still need to solve the
problem that the patch addressed. Buildfarm members platypus and cuckoo are
 currently failing because dblink is picking up the wrong libpq (and it
appears that incorrect libraries are also being picked up in the ecpg
libraries, although this isn't causing a buildfarm failure.)

Alternatively, if we can't say --with-libraries=/foo/bar when /foo/bar
contains possibly conflicting libraries, that should be tested for at
configure time.



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