Alvaro Herrera wrote:

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 12:03:12AM -0400, Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
Alvaro Herrera wrote:

Sorry, forgot to mention:

- There are no docs
I can help here as long as I don't have to have the docs done before July 1.

You don't.  Ok, so I'm not writing any docs, I leave that to you :-)


- There are no ALTER TABLE commands to change the pg_autovacuum
attributes for a table. (Enable/disable, set thresholds and scaling
I don't think we need this do we? Mucking around in the autovacuum table shouldn't cause the system any serious problems, if you do mess up your values, it's easy to just reset them all to 0 and start back with the defaults.

The problem is you have to be superuser to be able to do it.  An ALTER
TABLE command would allow the table and database owners to do it.

Fair point. However I would still put this in the category of nice additions, but we really don't *NEED* right now.

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