I have some experimeltal data about this extension.   I will gather it
and post hopefully this weekend.

Tom Lane wrote:
> Koichi Suzuki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>Here're a couple of patches for PostgreSQL 64bit support.  There're just
>>two extension to 64bit, size of shared memory and transaction ID.
> I asked originally for some experimental evidence showing any value
> in having more than 2Gb of shared buffers.  In the absence of any
> convincing demonstration, I'm not very inclined to worry about whether
> we can handle wider-than-int shared memory size.
> As for the XID change, I don't think this patch accurately reflects the
> size of the impact.  There are a lot of things that in practice need to
> be the same size as XID (CID, most obviously, but I suspect also OID).
> And again, some demonstration of the performance impact would be
> appropriate.  Here, not only do you have to prove that widening XID
> isn't a big performance hit in itself, but you also have to convince
> us that it's a win compared to the existing approach of vacuuming at
> least every billion transactions.
>                       regards, tom lane

Koichi Suzuki
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NTT DATA Intellilink Corporation
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