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> Tom Lane wrote:
> >> That would answer the big question here, but where does it say that?
> >
> > Also, if you really insist on an authoritative statement, try this text
> > (from Annex D of the C99 draft standard, "Formal model of sequence
> > points"):
> Thank you, that would answer the question.  There is no "also" about it;
> it's exactly what I was asking all along.  The conclusive answer for us
> would be in the C89 standard of course, where (at least in the draft that
> Neil quoted) I haven't been able to find anything like this.  :-(

I believe overlap of functions in the same expression was disallowed by
the response to defect report 087.  The only reference I've been able to
find right now (since the committee seems to have removed the C89 DRs from
their site) is in the response to DR 287 which includes:

"Proposed Committee Response
As noted in the response to DR 087, function calls in the same expression
do not overlap. This has not changed for C99."

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