* Tom Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Stephen Frost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >   Attached please find a patch to change how the permissions checking
> >   for alter-owner is done.  With roles there can be more than one
> >   'owner' of an object and therefore it becomes sensible to allow
> >   specific cases of ownership change for non-superusers.
> Applied with minor revisions.  The patch as submitted suffered a certain
> amount of copy-and-paste-itis (eg, trying to use pg_type_ownercheck on
> an opclass), and I really disliked using ACLCHECK_NOT_OWNER as the way
> to report "you can't assign ownership to that role because you are not
> a member of it".  So I made a separate error message for that case.

Great, thanks!  Sorry about the copy-and-paste-itis...  Must have been a
case I wasn't sure about.  The different error message makes perfect
sense.  I see you also did the superuser-in-every-role change that I had
included, thanks.

When writing this patch it occurred to me that we nuke our
member-of-role cache for one-off lookups on occation.  I don't
particularly like that, especially when we *know* it's a one-off lookup,
so I was considering adding a function for the one-off lookup case but
I couldn't come up with a way to avoid a fair bit of mostly-the-same
code as the current cache-regen code, without making the cache-regen
code alot slower which would negate the point.

Just some thoughts.

        Thanks again,


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