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> O.k. this strikes me as interesting, now we know that Compaq and Dell
> are borked for Linux. Is there a name brand server (read Enterprise)
> that actually does provide reasonable performance?

I think late model Dell (post the bad chipset problem, circa 2001-2?) and
IBM and Sun servers are fine because they all use simple SCSI adapters from
LSI or Adaptec.

The HP Smartarray is an aberration, they don't have good driver support for
Linux and as a consequence have some pretty bad problems with both
performance and stability.  On Windows they perform quite well.

Also - there are very big issues with some SATA controllers and Linux we've
seen, particularly the Silicon Image, Highpoint other non-Intel controllers.
Not sure about Nvidia, but the only ones I trust now are 3Ware and the
others mentioned in earlier posts.

- Luke


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