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> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Regression - GNUmakefile - pg_usleep 
> "Rocco Altier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Attached patch fixes the SHLIB_LINK to add pgport now that 
> pg_usleep is
> > added.
> It seems highly unlikely that this will accomplish anything, 
> given that
> SHLIB_LINK is not used to construct regress.so.
I have another patch in queue for this.

> > This is needed for AIX to resolve symbols at compile time.
> I'm still wondering why that platform has such a hard time finding
> symbols that are in the backend.
Right now there are 2 different sets of linker rules.  One for a single
file -> .so (from Makefile.aix), and another for multiple files ->
lib<files>.so (from Makefile.shlib).

The patch I proposed to Makefile.shlib to pull all $LIBS in was rejected
since this would cause libpq to link against backend libraries, etc.
The suggested solution was to only pull in libraries as needed (which is
what is happening here, since pgport would be required).

I think the 2 sets of link rules should be more similar, since the
contrib moudules should get the same link option, instead of based on
how many files need to be linked together, thus Makefile.aix should be
changed to use SHLIB_LINK.

I am attaching all the patches for so for AIX to let it get past Contrib
on the buildfarm.

Makefile.aix.patch - will bring Makefile.aix in line with Makefile.shlib
by using SHLIB_LINK
contrib.libs.patch - will pull in the needed libraries for contrib
regress.pgport.patch - same idea as contrib patch, pull in the needed

I hope this makes it a bit clearer what I am trying to achieve by having
all the pieces together in one place.


PS. I am starting to look at using the facilities in AIX to support run
time linked libraries instead of at compile time.  This does require AIX
4.2+, so I will try to leave the 4.1 code in place.

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