The comment in regress/GNUmakefile about the pgport symbols not being
found got me thinking about why that might be the case.

I finally noticed that when we are building the postgres.imp file, we
are not pulling in the pgport symbols, since they are not being linked
into the local SUBSYS.o before running

I noticed that windows has a similar dilemma when creating the .def

The solution was to suck in libpgport.a before we extract all the
symbols out.

A patch to that affect is attached.

backend/Makefile - fix rule for AIX regarding pgport files
port/getopt_long - needed to have optreset wrapped in HAVE_INT_OPTRESET
regress/GNUmakefile - hopefully I backed out the change to bring in
pgsleep well enough

With these changes in place, I was able to complete a full build and
test suite (including contrib).


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