Bruce Momjian wrote:

I removed your use of the pg_auth flat file.  By the time you have the
PROC entry to do your lookups, you might as well just use the system

There is a race condition in the code because we set our PROC entry
before we check for other entries.  If there is one connection left and
two backends do this at the same time, they would both fail, while one
should fail and the other succeed. Without a lock, I see no way to avoid
it so I just commented it in the code.
Yeah my working version was doing this too but I wanted to avoid lock on PROC array and that race condition and because pg_auth is loaded anyway I used it.

Also, I felt that zero should mean allow no/zero connections, rather
than representing unlimited connections.  I used -1 for unlimited.  We
can either document the use of -1, or add syntax to allow NO CONNECTION
LIMIT, or something like that.
Right, maybe we could remove datallowconn from pg_database (in future) if we can achieve same thing using datconnlimit = 0 ?

The patch requires a catalog version update when applied.
Yes, thanks for your work on this patch, I will write documentation for it in next few days.

Petr Jelinek (PJMODOS)

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