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Subject: Re: [HACKERS] For review: Server instrumentation patch

Dave Page wrote:

[Resent as the list seems to have rejected yesterdays attempt]

As per Bruce's request, here's a copy of Andreas' server instrumentation patch for review. I've separated out the dbsize stuff and pg_terminate_backend is also not included.

This version was generated against CVS today.

As far as I can tell from review of comments made back to pre-8.0, all security and other concerns raised have been addressed.

Here is a modified version of your patch that adds functions to do
configuration file reload, and log file rotation.

OK, thanks. Are there any objections to adding pg_dir_ls() and
pg_file_read() which will allow us to look at the log directory, and the
logfiles themselves?

pg_dir_ls isn't necessary for reading the logfiles; pg_logdir_ls will do this.


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