Andrew Dunstan wrote:

I thought this had been tested. I should have tested it myself. Apologies.

Right, I thought I tested it, well maybe it was my version dunno but
surely it was my mistake.

Anyway, with Petr's extra patch I get a clean build, but "make check" fails with a postmaster bind failure and a pgsql failure, both with and without IPv6 installed, on my Xp-PRO SP1 box. When IPv6 is installed it complains about an unknown family 23 (which is Windows-speak for AF_INET6).

So, not quite there yet.

[I did make check only in W2K because I don't have direct access to XP
machine now]
No thats not windows error thats postgres error (look at pqcomm.c),
which means HAVE_IPV6 is not defined. I think it should be made that
HAVE_IPV6 and HAVE_STRUCT_ADDRINFO is always defined under windows (and
also #include <ws2tcpip.h> in getaddrinfo.h otherwise it won't build)
but I am not familiar with build system so somebody else will have to do
it (I am not familiar with whole configure thingy at all).
With those changes it should finally work.

Petr Jelinek (PJMODOS)

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