> Here's a patch that adds four new GUCs:
>   tcp_keepalives (defaults to on, controls SO_KEEPALIVE)
>   tcp_keepalives_idle (controls TCP_KEEPIDLE)
>   tcp_keepalives_interval (controls TCP_KEEPINTVL)
>   tcp_keepalives_count (controls TCP_KEEPCNT)

I just tested this on my windows XP machine running rc1.  A default
configuration reports zeros for the tcp values in a 'show all'.  More
significantly, if you change a tcp parameter from the default, the
server rejects connections without a relevant error message :(.

I did some research and the only way to control these parameters is to
adjust the system registry plus a reboot. (somebody correct me here).
If that is the case IMO it makes the most sense to have the server fail
to start if the default parameters are changed.

Even better would be a stronger test to make sure o/s supports this


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