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> If this were a Postgres problem I'd agree with you. But it isn't, really
> - it's a Perl problem, which is properly documented in the Perl docs, to
> which this note refers.

Well, it's really a problem with our implementation of pl/perl. I don't think
it's entirely fair to simply say it's a perl problem and point people at a
perldoc page. An example would definitely be nice - it is not as if the pl/perl
docs are growing out of control or anything. :)

> I don't think we'll get flooded with problems - Greg is the first person
> who has complained about it in the 9 months or so since version 8.0 was
> released.

Call me cutting edge. :) I ran into this when creating an article about
how wonderful pl/perl is. I just don't think many people are using it yet.
Hopefully that will change after my article comes out and I convince all
those perl hackers out there that procedural languages don't need to be
painful anymore.

+1 on the 5.6 dependency: it came out in early 2000. By way of comparison,
PostgreSQL was at version 6.5.3 when perl 5.6 came out.

One more annoyance, while I'm here: what's with "spi_exec_query()"? Is that
the best name we could come up with? How about something short and simple,
in the same vein as "elog()", such as "sql()" ? :)

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