I wrote:
> I think it would be possible to fix it in a less invasive way by taking
> and releasing the ControlLock an extra time in SimpleLruReadPage and
> SimpleLruWritePage.  What's indeterminate about that is the performance
> cost.

Attached is an alternative patch that does it this way.  I realized that
we could use LWLockConditionalAcquire to usually avoid any extra lock
traffic, so the performance cost may be negligible except under the very
heaviest of loads.  I still like the bigger patch for 8.2 and forward,
because it's a lot cleaner, but this seems like a credible alternative
for 8.1 and back branches.


                        regards, tom lane

Attachment: binjbJK9x6skx.bin
Description: slru-race-2.patch

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