Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>   /*
> !  * Called to execute the utility commands GRANT and REVOKE.
> !  *
> !  * stmt may be a complete GrantStmt created by the parser, or it may be
> !  * missing the "objects" list and the "grantees" list.  In this case,
> !  * they are taken from the second and third parameters, respectively.
>    */
>   void
> ! ExecuteGrantStmt(GrantStmt *stmt, Oid object, Oid grantee)

This seems like a really ugly API.  What's so hard about expecting the
caller to construct a valid GrantStmt?

(I get the impression from a quick scan of the code that the comment
is a long way from telling the truth about what's really happening,

> + static void AlterConversionOwner_int(Relation rel, Oid conversionOid,
> +                                                                      Oid 
> newOwnerId);

If these are supposed to mean "AlterConversionOwner_internal", please
spell them that way.  Sitting beside "AlterConversionOwner_oid", it
sure looks like the "int" is meant to be read as "integer".

                        regards, tom lane

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