Simon Riggs wrote:
> Now we're into 8.2devel mode, its time to submit the previously
> discussed patch that:
> - reduces Numeric storage format by 2 bytes
> - limits scale to +/- 508 decimal places
> This is sufficient to allow Numeric to continue to be used as the
> default numeric representation for all numbers in the parser.
> Passes: make check on cvstip, as well as some tests not in there.
> Code comments explain the new format and consequences.
> As previously agreed, reviewing this is a 2 stage process:
> 1. review/possibly agree OK to commit
> 2. check with everybody on GENERAL that the restriction to 508 is
> acceptable
> Figure there's no point doing (2) until we agree the proposal/code is
> workable.

OK, seems all objections have been dealt with so it goes into the patch
queue.  I will ask on 'general'.

The only downside I see is that I can't impress people by doing:

        SELECT factorial(4000);

I don't suppose the _impression_ factor is worth two bytes per value. 

I suppose people wanting to do such manipulations will have to store the
numbers as text and use a server-side library like perl to do

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