Bruce Momjian wrote:

> I tried your \g test and the file size difference is the length of the
> dashed line in the file, not the number of digits display, which are
> both 4096.  One has 12550 dashes, the other 19950 dashes.

So this is a psql bug?  I can count the correct number of chars with

alvherre=# create or replace function factorial_length(int) returns int 
language plphp
alvherre-# as $$ $r = spi_exec("select factorial($args[0])");
alvherre$# $row = spi_fetch_row($r);
alvherre$# return strlen($row['factorial']); $$; 

alvherre=# select factorial_length(4000);
(1 fila)

alvherre=# select factorial_length(6000);
(1 fila)

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