Dear tom san.

Thank you for suggestion. 

> Yeah.  I had hoped the client-only build would "just work" with the
> snprintf changes, but if not there is no time to make it work for 8.1.1.
> I would like to revisit this for 8.1.2 or 8.2, though.  It would be
> good to have NLS support in the client-only build, if we intend to keep
> supporting that at all.
> regards, tom lane

Actually, it is possible by only replacing DLL of making MSVC of now with 
DLL of MinGW now. I think that I am satisfactory by MSVC DLL of the 
present simple structure. Isn't it satisfied only with explaining of it?
It will be satisfied if simple MSVC is provided with compile environment.
Otherwise, even kerberos5 is possible. However, I vote for Magnus.

Hiroshi Saito

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