Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > I would like other developers to add/modify the todo list.  The
> > master is the text file, and I generate the HTML so the web team can
> > pull the HTML for our web site.  If you modify just the text file, I
> > will see the commit and update the HTML, and if you want my scripts,
> > I can send them out.
> I suggest that the non-master copies of the TODO and the FAQ be removed 
> from CVS.  Moreover, replace the README by a Makefile, and have the web 
> team and/or the release bundling script run the commands required for 
> their purpose.

Sure, I can supply the scripts.  I put them on FTP as put*:

There are ones for TODO, FAQ, and FAQ_DEV.  The only non-standard
program needed is txt2html from:

I only generated the HTML for TODO to make it easy for the web guys to
pull it, and seeing that tools seem to come and go on the PostgreSQL
servers (as they did for a recent upgrade) I considered it safer to do
it all on my end.  

Feel free to put things in place and I will CVS remove the HTML version
of TODO.  The FAQ's are already in HTML format as the master, and if
Marc wants to put something in place for packaging that builds the text
versions, I can remove the text versions of those too.
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