Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Because we want commits/rollbacks to be counted if any of them are on.

> Why do we want commits/rollbacks counted if we only have command string
> enabled?

Why not?  Those counts are not either "tuple level" or "block level"
operations; the fact that the implementation sends them in the same
messages doesn't mean that there is any association in the user's eye.
Barring making a fourth GUC variable to control them (which seems like
overkill), I think it's a reasonably sane definition to say "we count
these if any stats are being collected".  Doing what you propose would
simply expose an irrelevant implementation detail to users.

> The !(x || y) construct is really ugly and I will fix that in a simple
> commit now.

I can't agree with you on that opinion, either.

                        regards, tom lane

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