Marko Kreen wrote:
> > In any case I think we are wasting our time discussing it, and instead
> > should be looking through the SQL2003 spec to see what it requires.
> > Bruce couldn't find anything in it about this but I can't believe the
> > info isn't there somewhere.
> Google tells that Oracle has ALTER and SELECT; DB2 has ALTER and USAGE.
> I found SQL2003 pdf's too ... from my reading it has only USAGE.
> 5WD-02-Foundation-2003-09.pdf:
> page 724 -> General Rules -> #2
> page 740 -> Syntax rules -> #3

I admit I am terrible at understanding the standard, but I can't find
anything relevant on the page numbers you mentioned.  Are those the
document pages or the page numbers displayed by the PDF viewer?  What is
the section heading?  I am using the same filename you have.

> Everything combined:
> SELECT: currval
> UPDATE: nextval
> USAGE: currval, nextval
> ALTER: setval
> Confusing?

I see USAGE in the standard, but not ALTER.  We don't support USAGE so I
am guessing our SELECT/UPDATE behavior is OK.  Does this mean we should
only allow owners to do setval(), rather than binding it to INSERT?

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