Tom Lane wrote:
> Marko Kreen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Good point about compatibility.  But makes the common case ugly.
> > "For regular usage you need to grant SELECT, USAGE ..."  Huh? :)
> > How about this:
> > SELECT: currval
> > INSERT: nextval
> > UPDATE: nextval, setval
> > USAGE: nextval, currval
> Seems a little weird.  Hmm ... what is the use-case for allowing someone
> to do nextval but not currval?  I can't see one.  How about we simplify
> this to
> SELECT: currval
> UPDATE: nextval, setval
> USAGE: nextval, currval
> This is still upward compatible with our old behavior, which is
> SELECT: currval
> UPDATE: nextval, setval
> and it still meets the SQL spec's requirement that USAGE allow nextval,
> and USAGE is the only one you need for "normal" usage.

I think your original proposal was better.  Why is it important that we
have a single-keyword usage for the common case?  No one has complained
about what we have now and that requires two keywords just like your
proposal.  We don't have a shorthand for GRANT INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.  In
fact, if it was backward-compatible I would suggest we make UPDATE just
setval.  Does the standard require USAGE to support currval?

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