> > > You'll still need to run the postmaster frmo pg_ctl to 
> get the "run 
> > > as admin" part. The only part that could be moved is the 
> Job Object 
> > > for management. And you're normally not going to need 
> that one when 
> > > you're not running as a service. Maybe sometimes, but I 
> doubt it's 
> > > worth it. If we could solve the run-as-admin inside the 
> postmaster 
> > > it might be different, but AFAICS we can't.
> > 
> > Yeah, I thought we'd agreed that the patch was fine as-is.
> Fine. I just wanted to make sure the decions was being made 
> in terms of logic, rather than Win32 cruft avoidance.  The 
> previous discussion was not clear on this point.

I just came across another problem with this patch. It's not complete :(

You can *run* postgresql fine with it, but you can't run initdb. Oops. 

I'll look at completing it with an update to initdb. There's nothing
*wrong* with the patch that's in the queue now (that I know of, of
course), so this is just an extension to it.


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