Michael Meskes wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 11:48:45PM -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > I have researched your report, and you are right, there are two ecpg
> > bugs here.  First, dollar quoting uses single-quotes internally to do
> > the quoting, but it does not double any single-quotes in the
> > dollar-quoted string.
> Actually ecpg should not translate dollar quoting at all. I'm going to
> fix this. Dollar quotes will then be send to the backend with
> translation and the backend takes care of the rest.

Well, CVS version before I modified it had "dolq" stuff in the lexer to
handle dollar quotes and pass it as SCONST to the parser.

> > Second, when a dollar quoted string or single-quoted string spans
> > multiple lines, ecpg does not escape the newline that is part of the
> > string.  Some compilers will accept an unescaped newline in a string,
> > while others will not:
> Not sure, but there appears to be a bug in the routine that outputs a
> statement. I will change that one as well and would ask you to just
> check again. It seems to me that this also fixes your problem. I tried
> with the one test case in this email and it seems to work. But then I'm
> currently travelling and do not have that much spare time to test.

The problem is that output.c does:


While some compilers are OK with that, others are not.  I changed it to


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