> Awhile back, "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > This patch adds native LDAP auth, for those platforms that 
> don't have 
> > PAM (such as Win32, but also unixen without PAM). On Unix, uses 
> > OpenLDAP. On win32, uses the builin WinLDAP library.
> Is this patch still live, or do you want to withdraw it in 
> light of the recent discussions about using libcurl?

I'm unsure wether libcurl does what we'd need, but I haven't looked into
the details (I did a very quick check on the web, but was unable to
quickly find what I was looking for).

Specifically, we want to just do an LDAP bind and not actually fetch
anything. Though I guess we could fetch the base DN without taking a lot
of performance... 

Also, I'm unsure if they'll run with winldap on windows or add an extra
library dependence on openldap (which will cause problems when using
ldaps in windows, since you need a completely separate set of
certificates and stuff imported into openldap instead of using what
Windows alreayd set up for you). Their FAQ says they require openldap,
but a quick google shows maybe they don't.

Was there ever a decision in "the libcurl thread"? If we're going to
pull in libcurl as a dependency anyway, it would deifnitly be worthwhile
checking if we can use it here as well, if nothing else then just to get
rid of the configure steps. But if we don't use it elsewhere, I don't
see any reason to add an extra dependency.


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