> Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> > I suggested libcurl in another context, and not so much as 
> a means of 
> > getting at LDAP data as a means of getting config data from 
> non-LDAP 
> > as well as LDAP sources. If all we want is LDAP then using libcurl 
> > would indeed be introducing an unnecessary dependency.
> > 
> > In this context, though, its use seems a bit odd.
> Right, that's what I remember, the curl can _also_ be used to 
> distribute authentication data, but of course LDAP is more standard.

Um. LDAP is a protocol, curl is a libary. I assume you mean OpenLDAP,
though. And yes, OpenLDAP is way more common than libcurl for getting
LDAP data. And since libcurl depends on openldap, there's really no
point in donig it unless you're going to use the *other* features of
libcurl as well.


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