On Tue, 7 Mar 2006, [ISO-8859-1] Hans-J?rgen Sch?nig wrote:

> > The semantics of namespace search seem wrong; I would think that a
> > synonym in schema A should mask a table in schema B if A precedes B
> > on the search path, but this doesn't work that way.
> good point.
> any other opionions here?

I'd generally agree with Tom's assessment for this.  That seems to be the
most reasonable behavior to me.

> > I'm also not very happy about adding an additional catalog search to
> > function and table lookup, which are already quite expensive enough.
> oracle documentation also states that using synonyms will add overhead.
> people will know that and this should be part of the documentation.
> however, i think - the performance impact when using this feature is
> less painful for the customer than any kind of problem related to legacy
> or duplicate code - people using features like that have to pay the
> price for that.

I'd personally be more interested in what the impact is on people not
using synonyms. How free is any search for synonyms if you aren't using
the feature?

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