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On 3/7/06, Stephan Szabo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'd personally be more interested in what the impact is on people not
using synonyms. How free is any search for synonyms if you aren't using
the feature?

Unless synonym enablement were a configurable parameter (which wouldn't
really make sense), the cost would be the same whether they're used or not
during searching.

Right, but the response was that "using" synonyms incurred a cost and this
should be documented.  However, if there's a cost to people not using
synonyms there's a higher barrier to entry for the feature.

the costs will only be added if the "real table" is not found.
therefore there is no impact on "normal" users.

again, the most important benefit is not 0.001% more speed but the possibility to port from other databases easier and to treat legacy problems.

here at cybertec we are facing more and more problems with legacy databases and porting "crap" every day.

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