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Like I said, sometimes the user doesn't have a choice.   Sure, it's easy to
tell someone that has a 300-line PHP application to fix their code, but I've
worked with people who have hundreds of thousands of lines of code and they
don't just say, "gee, let's just search-and-replace everything!"; that's a
testing nightmare.

To be blunt, those people aren't going to be moving to Postgres anyhow.
If the notion of fixing this issue daunts them, they are not going to be
willing to deal with the other incompatibilities between Oracle and PG.

i wouldn't say so. assume running 100 oracle databases. some day some financial guy will come around and tell you that you have to migrate because he wants to save money. these guys usually won't dicuss how to port - they simply tell you that things have to be ported ...

And we are *not* buying into the notion of becoming a bug-compatible
Oracle clone.

absolutely - i think we all agree here. the reason why PostgreSQL is so strong nowadays is that it has been designed and implemented nicely.

in Oracle even "select 1 + 1" is a problem for no reason ;)

(If EnterpriseDB wants to try to do that, fine; they'll be earning their
money the old-fashioned way...)

i think nobody wants to work on crappy applications or even port them. in most cases it is simply a demand :(.

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