> > For #2, yes, the semaphores will go away when the last 
> process holding 
> > a HANDLE to it goes away.
> Well, that raises an interesting point: exactly where in this 
> code does ownership of the HANDLEs get propagated to the 
> child processes?  As written, the HANDLEs seem to belong only 
> to the postmaster --- will the kernel calls even work in the 
> child processes?  According to what someone was telling me 
> the other day, HANDLEs are process-local, so just storing 
> them in shared memory doesn't seem like it should work.

They're inherited down. I haven't looked at the calling path, but if
they're all created in the postmaster *before* the backends are forked,
it's not a problem. The code specifically sets them to inheritable, and
if you do that you can use them in a child process.


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