> > For #2, yes, the semaphores will go away when the last 
> process holding 
> > a HANDLE to it goes away. For #1, the code seems to handle 
> that right?
> >
> I intentionally use *unnamed* semaphores to avoid these 
> problems -- even if the semaphores didn't go away (as Magus 
> pointed out, if all processes can exit gracefully, this won't 
> happen), we won't worry about them -- Creating semahpores 
> will still succeed because there is no existent same named 
> semaphores will bother it.

Just a point - they will get automatically cleaned up even if the
process doesn't exit *gracefully*, as long as it exits. Only if it's
hung and won't actually exit will the handles not get cleaned up.
This goes for both named and unnamed ones.


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