Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> What really needs to happen next is to think about which bits of
> >> selfuncs.c should be exposed --- what's generally useful, and do we
> >> think that it has an API clean/stable enough to expose?
> > Well, the ltree routine just needs struct VariableStatData and
> > macro ReleaseVariableStats(), and we need to change one function from
> > static to global.  That and some #includes, and it works.  Do we want to
> > be more formal about it?
> If we're going to expose VariableStatData then I think the minimum
> reasonable set of supporting functions would be examine_variable(),
> get_restriction_variable(), get_join_variable().  Matteo's patch only
> uses the second one but that's because he's only implementing one type
> of estimator (no joinsel function for instance).
> I'd be inclined to create a new header file, too, instead of cluttering
> builtins.h with this stuff.  utils/selfuncs.h probably.
> I'm willing to work on this, but it doesn't look like you reverted the
> prior patch yet?

Uh, I just moved the selectivity function over to /contrib/ltree, and
moved what I needed, so it now works.  You can continue with the plan
above, or I can.

  Bruce Momjian

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