> > > Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > >> Per some earlier discussion, here is an attempt at 
> implementing a 
> > >> "delayed write" of the pgstats file, to decrease the 
> write activity 
> > >> on that file.
> > 
> > This was not ready to be applied, was it?  "An attempt" 
> doesn't sound 
> > to me like Magnus thought it was ready for prime time, and my 
> > recollection of the thread is that there were objections.
> I don't remember any objection.  Magnus, Tom, revert?

I don't recall any specific objections that weren't answered. There was
some (short) talk about having a "backoff" so it won't update the file
too often if the user requests it, but I don't think we ever concluded
if that was necessary or not. If it is, I think we can add that on top
of what's there now, and there's no need to revert. 

If there were/are other objections that I missed, a revert might be
needed. Can't really comment since I missed them in that case ;-)

I think the use of "attempt" was more that I expected more comments, and
also somewhat in light of the concurrent discussions about getting rid
of the code to accept delayed destroy messages.


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