> It turns out the problem is that port/pipe.c is compiled with 
> -DFRONTEND and include/port/win32.h wraps the recv to 
> pgwin32_recv macro in a #ifndef FRONTEND.  We've actually 
> been using the WinSock recv function directly (verified with gcc -E).

That's definitly wrong. 
Looks like this file needs a _srv version in the Makefile.  Bruce?

Just a thought - might this affect more things that rely on FRONTEND
defines in the headers? How bad would it be to just make libpgport build
two complete sets of object files, one for server and one for frontend,
instead of special-casing which files are rebuilt? 

> If somebody else could take over actually fixing this, that 
> would be great.  As I mentioned before, we're heading away 
> from Windows for the time being.

I can try - though I only have development servers on win32 these days,
and have never been bitten by this actual problem. So we'd still much
appreciate yuor help in testing a solution once it's there..


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