Tom Lane wrote:

Dhanaraj M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
sorry for sending the old version in the previous mail . Here I attach the recent version of the patch file.
    Surely this problem does not require adding any server-side code.

Something like "select last_value from <seq>" would be more appropriate;
and it'd have some hope of working with back-version servers.

Also, please use something more helpful than "***" as the column
header.  Your urge to add a footnote to explain it shows that you
didn't try hard enough to devise a good header to begin with.

[ btw, both fmgroids.h and fmgrtab.c are generated files.  Patching
them is unnecessary and inappropriate. ]                        


The existing functions like lastval, currval dont provide the current sequence value always. They work only if the sequence is already cached (nextval is called atleast once for that sequence). Changing the internals of lastval/currval will give the solution. However, I feel that the functionality change
may affect the customers who use the current version.

Hence, I am sure that it requires the server side change. There are two options here
1. Modifying the exisitng functions  (or) 2. adding new functions

Thanks for your review

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