Dhanaraj M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Sorry for resubmitting this patch.
> Just now I found a problem.
> Instead of assigning initial sequence value to 1,
> I assign LLONG_MAX to avoid the buffer overflow problem.
> Please find the current version here.

This patch is a mess.  In the first place, it's completely unkosher for
an application to scribble on a PGresult's contents, even if you do take
steps like the above to try to make sure there's enough space.  But said
step does not work anyway -- LLONG_MAX might not exist on the client, or
might exist but be smaller than the server's value.

Another problem with it is it's not schema-aware and not proof against
quoting requirements for the sequence name (try it with a mixed-case
sequence name for instance).  It also ought to pay some attention to
the possibility that the SELECT for last_value fails --- quite aside
from communication failure or such, there might be a permissions problem
preventing the last_value from being read.

                        regards, tom lane

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