Peter Brant wrote:
> Ah, sorry for the late response (and for any confusion), but the only
> thing I tested was Qingqing's rewritten semaphore implementation.  I
> didn't test the proposed bug fixes to the existing semaphore
> implementation.  

Oh, OK.  The email mentioned the semaphore patch without specifying
which one, so I assume it was the shorter one.

> We've never been able reproduce (or even trigger) the original "sem_ctl
> failed" error in a testing environment so it would be hard to say if the
> changes to win32/sema.c have an impact on it or not.  On the other hand,
> win32_sema.c seems to solve the pgbench lockups reported earlier by Jim
> N. and it successfully completes a reasonably brutal stress test with
> real world data and real world queries (which at least is a good
> indication that it basically works).

OK, let's consider the item closed.  We didn't backpatch the new
win32_sema.c file to 8.1.X or 8.0.X, so let'see if we get more reports.


  Bruce Momjian

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