Joachim Wieland wrote:

Still it does not what I think it should do. I might have been unclear
before. If you put a comment in front of a PGC_POSTMASTER variable (and if
its value differs from the default) then this should be treated as if the
variable got changed and it should emmit a warning "<varname> can only be
changed on server start" or similar. This warning should be kept for every
other SIGHUP that gets sent just like it is done already when you change the
value (but do not comment the variable).
Thanks for explanation. I overlooked this variant. When I analyzed set_config_option I found some other bugs or strange things:

1) Try to change internal variable in the config file is silently ignored during reconfiguration.
2) GUC_DISALLOW_IN_FILE flag is ignored during configuration file parsing.
3) If option is PGC_POSTMASTER type and value is not syntax valid, It only generates warning message that value cannot be change and file parsing continue.

Could some one validates my findings?

I think that set_config_options is too huge and very overloaded. By my opinion divide to small functions is necessary to fix this behavior and its increase maintainability.


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