Joachim Wieland wrote:

The general idea (at least my idea) is that
whenever a SIGHUP is received and there is some difference between the
config file and the active value that the server is using, a notice message
is written to the log. That way, at every moment you can see if the active
values coincide with the configuration file by sending a SIGHUP and if there
are no such messages the admin can stop and restart the server and be sure
that the settings will be the same after a restart.

While testing, I specified a bunch of test cases that I attach below.

It would be nice to have this like regression test. I'm still thinking how to realize it. There is problem how to change postgresql.conf without backside effect on other test and for all platform.

I also renamed the GUC_JUST_RELOAD to GUC_IN_CONFFILE because I did not
really understand what GUC_JUST_RELOAD should mean. GUC_IN_CONFFILE means
that the variable does show up in the configuration file and is active
there, i.e. is not commented.

Yes, you have right, JUST_RELOAD is not much clear. I look that you little bit changed function of this flag to. I think it is better and more clear. However, I have some doubt that in the some special case - SET/RESET usage in transaction - should generate some wrong output. I'm working on some deep analyze and test case.

Please check my changes, I'm pretty sure it can be cleaned up further.

Thanks for your improvement.


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