Tom Lane wrote:
> If there were a serious amount of demand for the SQL2003 XML features
> then I wouldn't be averse to putting them in, but right now it looks
> like bloat with little redeeming social value.  Who other than the
> submitter has asked for this?  I don't even see "XML" listed in TODO.

There have been inquiries about some kind of XML support every few weeks 
for years now.  Clearly, we need to sort out what that really means.  
I'm preparing a session about that for the Toronto summit.

There is now a Summer of Code project for creating an XML data type, 
which should be integrated with this work and the xpath stuff in 
contrib.  Plus, there were a few rejected projects about creating 
special index support for XML.

Whether or not this part is really useful I can't judge, but it's part 
of an overall system.

Peter Eisentraut

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