> Hi Bruce-san, and Magnus-san,
> I have many problems by client construction of 8.2.
> This patch helps a MS-VC client and server construction.
> However, IPV6 still has the problem.
> Please fully take into consideration.


Hiroshi - why are you taking out all the stuff from pg_config.h.win32?
It's necessary to build the complete system on win32.

It's possible (I'd say now likely) that something in the client-only vc
build broke with the patch to allow full system build with vc. IIRC I
tested it before I sent it in, but some changes were made after
application - and it's possible I forgot to include something in the

As for the other parts - I haven't seen those problems, but I'm not
working off latest-and-greatest CVS. I need to merge up to that soon,
I'll take a look at it then.


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