Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Albe Laurenz wrote:
>> This patch for libpq allows you to enter an LDAP URL in
>> The URL will be queried and the resulting string(s) parsed for
>> keyword = value connection options.
> I have heavily modified your patch to be clearer.  Please review the
> attached version and test it to make sure it still works properly. 
> Thanks.

Most of your modifications are fine, but a quick look tells me that your
modifications in the parsing of the LDAP URL have been too invasive,

- you look for the port number in the 'dn' and not in the 'hostname'
- you check the validity of 'scopestr' and 'attrs[0]' before it is

Would you prefer that I try to fix your fixes (and stick with your
coding style)
or do you want another go?

Laurenz Albe

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