Thanks for mentioning about pgpool!

>    <sect2><title> pgpool </title>
>     <para> <application>pgpool</application> was initially created by
>     Tatsuo Isshii as a portable alternative to Java connection pool
>     modules.  He subsequently observed that it wouldn't take very much
>     effort to extend it to create a simple replication system: if it
>     is forwarding SQL queries to a PostgreSQL instance, extending that
>     to two databases is very straightforward. </para>
>     <para> It suffers, by nature, from the problems associated with
>     replicating using capture of SQL statements; any sort of
>     nondeterminism in the replicated statements will cause the
>     databases to diverge. </para>
>     <para> On the other hand, it is very easy to install and
>     configure; for users with simple requirements, that can
>     suffice. </para>
>     <para> A <application>pgpool-2</application> is under way which
>     introduces a more sophisticated query parser to try to address the
>     nondeterminism issues; that may limit ongoing support for the
>     legacy version.</para>

pgpool-II (not pgpool-2, please) does not try to resolve
nondeterminism issues but try to add parallel SELECT query
execution. Also we will continue to support legacy version until
pgpool-II becomes stable enough.

Also you might want to add pgpool development site URL.

FYI, pgpool-II presentation material for PostgreSQL Anniversary Summit
can be obtained from:
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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