Joe Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> That's undoubtedly true, and important for the case that isn't memory 
> constrained (but where I'm already seeing us perform relatively well). 
> But once we start the machine swapping, runtime goes in the toilet. And 
> without addressing the memory leak somehow, we will start a machine 
> swapping significantly earlier than mysql.

I'm not arguing that we don't need to work on the memory usage ... just
that I'm not very happy with that particular approach.

I wonder whether there is any reasonable way to determine which data
structures are responsible for how much space ... in my test I'm seeing

MessageContext: 822075440 total in 104 blocks; 4510280 free (1 chunks); 
817565160 used
ExecutorState: 8024624 total in 3 blocks; 20592 free (12 chunks); 8004032 used

so it seems mostly not the executor's fault, but that's not much to go

                        regards, tom lane

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